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EatSomeHiHats (Strictly House Music)
Time-length-icon 1h 26m
Publish-date-icon August 26, 2012
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Decided on a mock interview format to share our thoughts on some House DJ related topics we've seen online lately, PART1...

We hope that you enjoy this mix also. Cheers, dattrax


Sync or no-sync, at the end of the day it's about rocking crowds, making great memories and experiences, so it doesn't matter. If you have fans, then someone likes what you do, then that's what we're all after isn't it?

Having said this, there are a few things we'd like to share:

Some big DJs like DeadMau5, David Guetta and Steve Angelo, etc. who use premixed mixes for live shows are like modern day rock stars with legions of fans paying lots of money to listen to their pre-programmed sets, so it seems that this is what their fans want, their form of 'live' entertainment. Doesn't seem that their fans care if it's really live or not.

Nothing wrong with that. Loud music blasting in your ears while you dance your stress & worries away is what it's always been about.

Don't really have a beef with pre-programed sets or synced mixing, but our beef is with pretending to DJ and then denying that they are syncing, etc (recent example is the online scuffle between DJ Sneak and Steve Angelo about 'fake djing'- remember the Milli Vanilli lip syncing scandal in '80s? Same deal).

Angelo apparently denies this, even after images and youtube vids of him at live events circulate all over Facebook that prove otherwise. Angelo has a massive following that love his tunes, so what's the big deal Stevie? Just say you do and so what if you do, but don't say that you play live when you clearly don't.

Syncing is important for DJs like Richie Hawtin. Hawtin is a pioneer, a scientist and master show man- working a laser light show, always mixing four tracks at the same time, doing 1/2 a dozen effects at any one time. In his case, beat matching has to take a backseat so he can create and inspire.

That's different. If you just mix two records together (like we do), then why do that?

The fun for us has always been in the mixing! The ups and downs of trying different track combos, different house genre combos, playing tracks at different speeds or EQ settings that we enjoy rather than what they were created at, using line levels and cross faders to change the tension between during mixes, mixing out properly to not change the tempo in an undesired way, seeing how what we do fail or succeed in getting a shared reaction of joy from a fellow House Fiend.

We grew up with great Toronto DJs, like Aki. who was mixing beautiful house journeys in smoky, dark & packed warehouse parties before dj mixers had single channel EQs or effects buttons (the internet, mp3's, Facebook or cell phones). Listen for yourself- just house music and mixing. This mix was on cassette tape (google it!) made in 1996 by Aki with two twelves and a old school mixer:

We forked out good money each week to go crazy to amazing talents like Jason Palma, PTS (Peter, Tyrone & Shams), Dave Campbell, Kevin Williams and Dino & Terry- these guys made you danced till the sun rose.

We saw out of town talents like Roger Sanchez, Derrick Carter, Doc Martin, Cevin Fisher, DJ Sneak and Little Louie Vega blow our minds with 2 or 3 vinyl turntables- all these guys made us grow more in love with house music each time we partied to their brand of house! The art and wonder of it all. Learning what we liked or didn't like about the mixing or music programming. Always learning and having fun along the way.

We also take issue with some DJs saying that beat matching is so easy and take no time to learn to justify their syncing. We just have one question:
"If it's so easy, then why are you using the sync??!!"

If you want to sync, then do it, it's your art form and the way you want to express yourself. Just don't pretend that you do it because it's not worth your creative focus & energies, or that you don't when you in fact do. Life is simple but some people choose to make it difficult.

Please comment on each mix or email us- love to hear from you. In this mix, featuring tracks by these INCREDIBLE HOUSE PRODUCERS & VOCALISTS!!!

Nick Curly, Gorge, Steve Lawler, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Klartraum, Niko Schwind, Doctor Dru, Kim Ann Foxman, Andy Butler, Corduroy Mavericks, Daniel Frontado, Jose San Francisco, Dany Belvedere, Levan, Andrea Mocha, Marlon D, Danya, Ferry, Java, Tali, Oovation, Maya Jane Coles, Florence, Redshape, Floyd Lavine, Mey, Brendon Moeller, Francesca Lombardo, Walker & Royce, Nick Humphrey, Terranova, Wankelmut, Ivan Smagghe, Phonique, Siso K, Tumi, Miguel Campbell, Maxxi Soundsystem, S.C.A.L. aka Pierce & Twirdy, Pezzner, Gryffyn, Concolor & Julia Govor.

All tracks in this mix bought from iTunes, www.Traxsource.com and www.Beatport.com. If there is any track you particularly like and want to go buy for yourself, then let us know in the comment section, and we'll respond there & let you know which site we bought it from.

BTW... if you enjoy this mix, then there's a PayPal DONATE button on the top right side of this website... Hint Hint, Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge : )

For Toronto or Global bookings: dattrax@gmail.com

This house mix made on Traktor S4 Controller with no sync applied (as you can hear some of the slight mistakes), however, we did pre-make with sync, the pop/house mashups, then played as single tracks.

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